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Animus Heart?

Unlisted compatible devices!

We all know that :animusheart: support more devices than listed on website. In this thread i would like that you list devices that works with the :animusheart: but aren’t reported on the webpage as compatible.


Great idea! :hugs:

These Z-Wave devices work for me:

  • Fibaro KeyFob works fine, it is still stated as “in progress” in the compatibility list
  • Oomi (Fantem) Bulb, model FT098-C55
  • Oomi (Fantem) Door/Window Sensor, model FT112-C. Seems to be identical to the Aeotec D/W
    Sensor 6

My first post in this forum but probably not the last…

I have today found that the unit below works well with the Animus Heart.

Brennenstuhl RCR CE1 1011 On/Off switch.


Qubino smart plug 16A work fine.


TZ69G smart plug power energy meter

Recived a new toy from China :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

The model number is TZ69G. Brand name I have found a couple, Haozee, LPSECURITY, BADODO Security…

I first tried “Autodetect new devices” then I only got a On/Off device. I have seen that many items called “Haozee” also is called “Heiman” so I tried a Guided setup, “Heiman - Smart Metering Plug” and now I think all different meter option is fully functional.


Innr SP 120 Smart Plug works fine at on/off, with the HUE bridge. But I can´ t see the power meter.


Eurotronic VOC / Air Quality Sensor

I was really impatient while waiting for this device to become available.
S2 inclusion worked flawlessly and all sensors were discovered by the Heart:

Also, it can be used as an external temperature sensor by associating to Eurotronic or Aeotec TRVs.

By the way, there seems to be a typo for the VOC-sensor in the GUI, it should say “Organic Compound Level”. :wink:


Thank you so much! Just bought a Telldus for my washer, but it don’t give all the juice it needs. Will order a Qubino for that then.

Heiman Smart Combustible Gas Sensor "HEIEHS1CG"

Included fine, but only unsecure.


Not much to see, but I tested it with a lighter and it reported an alarm, so useable to create automations with it, or directly associate it to other devices.


Lots of Qubino stuff, just have a look here…


Nice one! Good finding.

I did have a Domoticz setup with Zwave. The setup died and i wanne have more simple setup.
In Domoticz i did have a Zwave remote (the Remotec Scene Master ZRC-90 https://www.smarthome.com.au/remotec-z-wave-wall-remote.html).

When i do a pair the Animus finds the device only i can’t program a button on the remote from the Animus. I hope you can help me

Has anyone tested Aeotec Nano Switch ZV116?