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Update problem - never finishes

I got a notification about an update (can’t tell which one, but the latest one). I clicked update a two days ago but it has been updating ever since. I can’t reach it through the app. I have tried to cut the power but it still says updating when I put the plug back in. Any advice on what to do would be appreciated.

My update only took a few minutes… Perhaps a factory reset would be in order?

I have the same problem and reported the problem to the support, but still no answer. I’m afraid the unit is bricked :expressionless:

The light on the unit is on. Detached the unit from its power source today, two days later, and the same problem still occurs and the process to do a factory reset cannot be done since the unit should display different colors when booting to be able to do the factory reset but the booting process of the unit doesn’t seem to occur.

What colour does the LED ring display after 30 seconds? Light blue or dark blue?

The color is light blue from the moment the device is turned on, never any other color

Update: my problem is ”solved”. The Heart did restart approx 24h after I wrote this post. But no update was done. Haven’t tried again yet.

That’s not a good indicator. I would suggest you contact support so they can have a look at it because it should take less than 20 minutes to update.