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Animus Heart?

Using animus as an alarm?

Anybody using their animus as a home alarm? Looking for inspiration for my own setup. Currently I´m only using door sensors to turn on the lights and give me a notification if the door opens when I´m not at home.
The only problem I´m experiencing with this how to easily turn it on and off. Have not yet figured out how to get an automation to be part of a scene.

Added an air quality alarm some time ago, which turns one bulb red when the CO2 value in my living room exceeds a certain value and another automation to make it turn green for 1 minute when CO2 decreased to a specific value, then turns back to the default colour.

You can turn off the light using a timer, which is the simplest solution, or create another automation to turn it off when e.g. the door sensor is closed for a certain time.

You can make scenes part of an automation.
First build a scene, here’s is an example where my TRVs are all turned to daytime operation:

One way I use this scene:

You may also find lots of inspirations here in this catagory and also in the Animus blog.