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Animus Heart?

Using Virtual Devices after adding to Google Home

Actually not my idea, but the more I think of it, the more I feel enthusiastic about the opportunities it offers.
Credits go to @niklas.haljesgard

After adding a Virtual Device to Google Home you can use it e.g. to trigger scenes or automations on the Heart using voice commands.

I think this idea is too good to go under in the support forum.

But always be aware, that virtual devices are all switched on after rebooting the Heart.


Hello Mr.Olsen
I wrote a question in this other topic about virtual 433 devices

About your warning that virtual devices are always ON after reboot…does this also mean that 433mhz devices are also always ON after reboot? Sounds strange I think but I am not an Animus user yet so I can’t test.
Anyway IF 433mhz devices used as virtual devices do remember their state before reboot there should be a possability to sync this “state” with other virtual devices if needed? Just find a way to trigger an automation a few seconds after a reboot?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I’m afraid I can’t help, since there is not one single RF433 device in my network.
But it looks like that, even all virtual switches are set to “on” doesn’t mean that all linked scenes are being fired after reboot.

As far as w´hat I learned about RF433 in this forum, you will not be able to ask the status from such a device, since it is a one way-communication only.

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Ok. I will buy an Animus Heart soon and test.

Thanks for Sunday support!! :+1::+1:


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