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Using wall plug meter and get notifications when washing machine is ready

I’m having a fibaro z-wave wall plug on my washing machine. The idea is to get a push notification to my phone when the washing machine is ready. It works. The problem is that sometimes I get a push notification even though the washing machine is turned off.

I have added a Home Automation for the fibaro wall plug:
Electric Meter (W)
< Less than 10 (W)
(x) Add duration
(x) Trigger only on change

Anyone having experience or suggestion to make it work flawless?

My washing machine also drains power in standby mode, maybe that’s the reason, though I think, that more than 10W is too much for standby.
Anyway, maybe try to increase the threshold in your automation or simply unplug your washing machine, to see if you still receive those messages.

If the machine has network connection, could it be some kind of software/firmware update check running in standby?

The washing machine is a “dumb washing machine” without network connectivity. The connection to Animus Home is created through a smart wall plug that measures the power usage from the washing machine.

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I have the same setup, almost. I’m using a virtual button to keep the state if the washing machine is on/off. When the machine is off the button is off (still power, standby), so no notifications.

When the machine is on, I change the state to on. And when the power is less than 6 w and the state is on, I send a notification. And change the state to off.

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@magnus2 Do you manually set the state to “on”? Or is it automatically detected? How is it automatically detected?

When the “Fibaro plug” Then the “Virtual button”. I don’t really know the W, I’m using 7W. I think at standby it can be like 3-4W


Thank you @magnus2! Looks like a great idea. Will try it out.