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What is your best Virtual Device?

Hi, I’m curious about how you all are using virtual devices. What do you use it for and how does it help you setting up automations or scenes? So give me your best virtual device example. Doesn’t matter if it’s simple or odd. Maybe it will inspire someone :slight_smile:

I have a few virtual devices but my favourite one is called “All indoor lights” that groups all indoor lights into one device and then use it in my automations instead of adding all your lights one by one…


I have just started with home automation, so still trying things out.

I am currently using Virtual Switches to set a status for each member of my household to determine whether they are at home or not, using the “Presence” to set the status to On when they enter the Home, and to Off when they leave the home. This allows me to then use these statuses as conditions in other automations…

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One useful example I use it for is to trigger scenes in Animus Heart with Google Home. By creating a virtual 433MHz device I get a switch that the GH speaks to and then I can trigger scenes when I turn this virtual switch On/Off.

Here are some more examples for those that wish to explore more with Virtual devices: https://animushome.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AHK/pages/758480915/Virtual+Device

I have one virtual device controlling all my lamps in the windows. The virtual switch works fine by its own but when I put in a automation only the virtual switch switch but all the connected devices does not change status, what am I doing wrong?

You may need to enable loops

That did the trick, thank you @magnus3 :+1:

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I use the virtual device to have a momentary switch act as a latching switch. Like the 433MHz smart buttons included in the HubQuiz. As I understand it, you need to include a delay in the two automations to have it working properly.

Lamp on: WHEN Smart1 is On, AND VirtSwitch1 is Off, THEN Turn on Lamp1, wait for 1s, Turn on VirtSwitch1
Lamp off: WHEN Smart1 is On, AND VirtSwitch1 is On, THEN Turn off Lamp1, wait for 1s, Turn off VirtSwitch1