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What socks do you guys use?

If we now have an Off-Topic forum, why not use it as such? :smiley: Far, far from any electrical device is ones feet…

So, what socks do you use and why? I prefer wool, since it is durable, hygienic and warm/cool when needed.


This topic is a great idea!
I prefer socks made of natural stuff, too.
I also tried hight tech fibres, but in winter nothing is better than socks made of wool and when It is really cold, I wear some thin cotton socks underneath them.
In the summertime, I like to wear socks made of bamboo fibre mixed with cotton.
As I believe that cold feet are the root of all evil, I also wear socks in bed, but these have to be knitted by my “mother in law” !
They are my yearly christmas present and, of course, made of wool. :slightly_smiling_face:


But is cotton really that great? Doesn’t it binds water in a way not desired, or have I got it wrong?

Yes, but in combination with other materials this behaviour can be compnsated.
Wearing cotton socks underneath wool creates an air layer that keeps the feet warm and also is smoother to the skin. :blush:
The moisture will evaporate through the wool. (this is one of the few useful things I have learned in the army :wink: )


Sounds really nice. I need to re-stock my drawer so will look for some nice wool ones. Any suggestions on brands? I have tried WoolPower, which is according to them who supply the army with socks, or did at least. They are not indestructible, but lasts a lot longer than others I have tried


I like Falke socks, an old traditional brand i know since I was a child. :blush:
Meanwhile they also use material mixes with synthetic fibers, but quality and durablity are really good, also very comfy to wear, just give the trekking socks a try.
Rohner is another good brand I discovered, they gave me the idea with bamboo fibers.
My parents had a clothing store when I was young, so I’m somewhat picky with that. :wink:


What ever brand and model that is cheap when one of the toes point out on my last pair. :sweat_smile: