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Animus Heart?

Wheather station that work with Animus

Hello Animus users,

do you know if this wheather station that runs on 433 Mhz, will work with Animus ?


I have a hard time belive it. These things tend to use their own language in the 433mhz :confused: but no one would be more happy than me if I’m wrong :wink:

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Like @Exxpert wrote, this probably runs a proprietary protocol that isn’t supported. However, if you’re lucky the transmitter does communicate in a protocol that works with the sensor-guides already in the Heart and just maybe the temperatures can be fetched.

Do you know if there are any wheather stations that runs on zwave/433 so that I can use input from it to, for example, abandon watering my lawn. At the momement this is set by schedule and I would like to skip it.

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