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When to allow loops?

I would like some examples on when to alow loops.

  • Allow loops: You can allow automations to be triggered by automations. Be careful, if not used correctly, you can set your system in a loop and make it crash.

Docs: Automations - the home automation tool

As soon as you create one automation that can trigger another automation, you need to allow loops. Otherwise it won’t work.

So, let’s say you have one automation that triggers(WHEN) when you click on a button on a 433MHz remote. One of the actions(THEN) in this automation is that a VirtualDeviceX is switched to ON. This virtual device is named “Alarm is On”, and is used to activate to armed-state at home.
You have another Automation that gets triggered when motion is detected in MotionSensorX but this happens only if “Alarm is On” is ON (AND condition).
With loops one could build quite complex Automation-combinations, but requires a bit of thinking and maybe drawing :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also loop lights; LightA turns on LightB and once that is on it turns off the first light. This kind of endless loop will create flashing lights, which you probably don’t want :stuck_out_tongue: Gonna put a WARNING mark for this example, this can burn out the Heart and probably your lights too.

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Thanks for your explanation, so far. Having limited experience of programming, can you please also clarify
a) where I find the option to allow loops,
b) in which automation to allow loops (the former, latter or both)?

a) It’s found inside the settings of that automation.

b) The description in the i-icon says this: “Allow this automation to be triggered by other automations.” So if your trigger(s) in this automation is(are) going to be triggered by another automation, and not manually, then you have to allow loops in this automation. In some cases both, or three, or whatever number of automations that are part of the loop. :slight_smile: