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Widgets possible?

Is it possible to use widgets and shortcut to devices and sensors on the dashboard for android in the future?


You mean to the homescreen of the phone?

Yes had it on Tellstick before. Very useful for sensor information and quick power off/on of devices.


It’s not possible to do that now, but I like the suggestion. What functions are most useful for the widgets?

Personally I think the most useful function is to trigger an automation, say for example that you have an automation that turns of all the lights at a set time, but you want to go to bed early.

I would also love a widget that can show various data from my sensors, like temperatures, on my homescreen.


On/off device or automation and a widget that shows information from a sensor or similar. I know its not possible now but would be great to have the functionality.


A great way to vote on the suggestions you like the most is to give it a heart. :heart:


Agreed! Would love a widget toggle for (all lights off), as well as a widget that contains information from sensors.


Agree on that! I have a on/off device for house larming. It would facilitate a lot to manage that with a widget. Also to manage lights and such.