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Z-Wave device added 2 times

I was including a Sensative Strip Comfort yesterday, directly from out of the box.
After the interview was done I named the device and placed it to a room.
When done, the same screen appeared again, so I named and placed it again.
Then I found, that one device-ID was skipped, it jumped from 98 to 100.

Finding out that the device was added without any security, I re-included it again today.
Naming, placing was done, the same screen appeared again, this time I quit and found that the device was added with a generic name and not placed to a room, also no “new device notification” appeared.
This time the ID was counting up only by one, like it is supposed to.

Still no S0 security, I thought Z-Wave plus would always support this?

Edit says that I could be wrong thinking so. :roll_eyes: