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Z-wave polltime

Can anyone explain polltime in z-wave? Its seems like the standard is 600 what does that mean? Does it means that the device will send information every 600 secounds? So if i want a termometer to send data more often what is the recommend settings for that?

Polling-interval means that the Heart asks a device for it’s status after a certain time, in this case every 600s, right.
I completely disabled polling for all devices, to my opinion the only thing it does is jamming your network.

I think it makes no sense to…

  • poll battery powered devices since they are asleep most of the time, also they will send their values regarding to the parameters you set. So if you want a temperature sensor to report more often, you have to familiarize yourself with it’s parameters.
  • poll mains-powered devices, since they are supposed to send a status update like switch on/off everytime it changes, they also will send sensor values according to the parameters you set.
  • poll FLiRS, they wake up 1-4 times per second and will be triggered by a signal called wake up-beam. Also I read, that polling FLiRS will drain their battery in no time.