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Z-Wave S2 Inclusion

Hi there,

how can I include a Z-Wave device using S2-security?
I did not find anything about this in the documentation.


Hi, if your device support S2, then the app will automatically guide you through the S2 process. There is also a good blog-post that I know of, showing some screens on how it looks in the app when adding S2 devices; https://blog.animushome.com/2018/05/30/understanding-s0s2-and-the-newly-discovered-z-wave-hack-z-shave/

Ah, yes, I remember having read this some time ago.
As far as I understand, Fibaro FGMS-001 and FDGW-002 sensors support S2, right?
If I did get this this wrong, sorry.
If they do: there was no dialog when including the devices, they were added with S0 security via the GUI.

I’ve the same question since I have the same problem with all my Fibaro Smoke Sensors. So how can this be resolved since I didn’t get the question so I could choose S2

I share the same problem. All my devices are installed unsecure, also the once with S2 security.
What is the problem here, Animus the device or me :slight_smile: ?
What quality controls do Animus do as a company, to secure proper installations?

With the Danalock i got the dialog to choose s2 security, but not with my fibaro smoke sensors

It is the same with Quibino as it is with Fibaro, no question, no S2 security

They dont support S2

Yes, I have read the manual and what confused me was this:

Or did I get something wrong?

It’s the same with the door sensor or the Aeotec Wallmote, which also also refused to use S2, though I activated secure inclusion.

These are devices from Aeotec that support S2.

They all use AES-128 encryption

As far as I understand: S2 = 128bit encryption, so all of my Zwave devices are supposed to connect encrypted, right?

edit: nevermind, I just read that it’s not the same.

S0 and S2 all uses the same encryption, so just because it says Z-Wave+ and AES-128 encryption does not mean it supports S2. Certified S2 devices usually specifies this on the packaging or the product label. You should also see a very long code and parts of it with some letters in underline (this is the code).


I see, thanks for your explanation.
This was a very instructve thread for me, I am still learning. :relaxed:

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