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Animus Heart?

Zigbee and the Heart

Hi again!
I was wondering if it would be technically possible to get Zigbee support from the hardware the Heart has. Is it a matter of updating the firmware, or would a different kind of antenna or something like that be needed? Also, on the topic of Zigbee, why are there so many kinds?

Would love to be able to integrate Aqara temp and humidity sensors straight into the Heart some day. I bet there are others that do the job, but those are the ones I have…

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Hi Gordon!

The heart does not have it’s on zigbee-chip but depends on the hue-bridge connected to it. I have heard that ikea trådfri-bridge is thought of but cause ikea does not provide an open api there is like trial and error for the developers.

On your second question i think the short answer is that the companys that develop the different standards does not have any benefits to support many compatible standards. For example, i have a hue-bridge but only 3 or 4 real philips hue-lamps. The rest is ikea trådfri. Like 38 i think right now. As you might understand it would have been fortune to buy all those in hue-original. Thats why the companys keeping it’s own standards. Xiaomi who have developed aqara is not better. All companys want to bind you to their products. Some of the products is partly compatible due to similar standards. (Like tradfri and hue) but that is not anything that ikea and philips wants to spread out. And sometimes you need to use a workaround to pair them. (For example touchlink between tradfri-lamps and hue-bridge)

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I guessed that was the case. Will have to get a Hue-bridge then, or maybe an Trådfri-gateway in the future, as Xiaomi and IKEA seems to have partnered up. Exiting times we are living in! :smiley:

I hear what you are saying about companies trying to lock users to their products, but why call many incompatible protocols the same? That is not the definition of a standard or a protocol, right? Why not say, us at IKEA we use our own super secret protocol and no one can borrow it! Or rather Philips, because IKEA probably likes to be the cheaper alternative.

My guess is that companies don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and that Zigbee is open source or cheap or whatever (which Z-wave, which seem to be an actual standard, isn’t then, or you have to actually follow the standard) and then they tweak the syntax or something just enough that other brands don’t understand the data. The weird part is, why keep calling it Zigbee, when that’s totally irrelevant at this point?

Z-wave - Zigbee, 1 - 0 :slight_smile:


The problem is that the name “zigbee” does not mean that it is only one application “profile”. The wikipedia-page on zigbee explains it real good.:slightly_smiling_face:

“Established in 2002, the Zigbee Alliance is a group of companies that maintain and publish the Zigbee standard.[15] The term Zigbee is a registered trademark of this group, not a single technical standard. The Alliance publishes application profiles that allow multiple OEM vendors to create interoperable products.”

But you can also read;

"The requirements for membership in the Zigbee alliance cause problems for Free Software developers because the annual fee conflicts with the GNU General Public Licence.[18] The requirement for the developer to join the Zigbee Alliance similarly conflicts with most other free software licenses.[19]

The Zigbee Alliance board has been asked to make their license compatible with GPL, but refused.[20]"

On that page it also states the different profiles that is in use (or at least were in use when the article got written)

It is a jungle in my opinion :roll_eyes::palm_tree::monkey:


Haha, yeah, I agree! Of course they are free to do what they want, but to me it doesn’t make sense in a marketing and communications way. Fine if they use this “family of protocols”, but why write zigbee on the box? :slight_smile:

I think that it actually is one of the requirements to be in this so called “family”

Haha, wouldn’t surprise me! But that’s quite funny!

And tragic…:unamused:

What about Dotdot and Thread? Those are similar to both Zigbee and Wi-fi if I understand correctly. After seeing a webinar on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgtCahCylOo) i find myself liking the thought of yet another protocol, a possibly more reliable and even more powerful one. Google seems to have adapted it, and is a member of the group, and the newly announced Google Nest Hub Max (that’s a mouthfull) has support.

Hardware-wise I’ve heard rumors about :animusheart: being able to handle it, IF Animus choose to join the group and release a package for it. Will this be the end of the multi-protocol sorrows we all have? What are your thoughts?

It would be really neat if there was a possibility to plug in, for example Conbee 2, Zigbee controller in the USB port on Animus!