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Animus Heart?


History with automatization

Previously I had a liveaboard in Göteborg, which I monitored everything from heating to tanks and more though Fibaro’s system.
I did like much with the Fibaro, however not everything, so I decided to try and support something new for my new automation.

Present time

Today I am on solid ground again, I live on the countryside just outside Stockholm, at Ågesta. I am, due to unknown illness ( under investigation ) not able to work as a master mariner anymore. Hence I started a small company that makes one of a kind items, mainly in wood, I also have a very small garden from which I sell vegetables during season.

In the new installation in this little cottage of ours, the Animus Heart is the control center for the automation, mainly Z-wave.
Strangely enough I have found that the Telldus 433mhz temperature and humidity sensors outshine its Z-wave counterparts at this location.
I use the Animus for the lights, and monitoring of temperatures, as well as access to the different buildings. The system is growing one device at a time…


If I could wish for a direction in which the Heart would grow it would be: